Are Cheap Mammoth Ivory Sculptures Available?

by ani.choudhary on January 26, 2014

With mammoth ivory in vogue, there are a host of websites selling exquisite and amazing array of figurines, sculptures and art pieces. But if you look at the prices, some of them such as the fully carved tusks and large carvings seem exorbitant. But if you look at investment, in the form of collections and passing them on as heirlooms, mammoth ivory is priceless.

With limited resources available, it is not far that one day even the ever dwindling supply shall cease and the demand for ivory still remains evergreen. Considering this fact and the effort that it takes to find, excavate and carve ivory, mammoth ivory sculptures can still be termed as one of the most affordable fossil ivory art.

Look at the beautifully carved sculpture. Think about how meticulously the artist labored over days to produce a sculpture with such details. All of this adds to the cost apart from working in icy cold winds, walking through slush and ice to locate and excavated tusk of extinct wooly mammoths. With extensive excavations all through the cold, tundra summers, excavating even 2-4 tusks is profitable for the hunters due to the difficulties they face.

So if you are looking for cheap mammoth ivory sculptures, you might look at your budget and see if you can find the right one for your collection. Catering to the affluent collectors, mammoth ivory sculptures are an investment, a piece of conversation in your office or home. You’ll be surprised to see an affordable range of legal ivory tusk carvings at

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