Why Is Mammoth Ivory Rare And A Limited Resource?

by ani.choudhary on May 15, 2014

The vision of pure mammoth ivory sculpture adorning your office or living room is alluring and attractive but do you know that mammoth ivory is one of the rare and limited resources that would be priceless one day? Yes, with only a few thousand mammoth carcasses buried in the freezing tundra, it is limited supply material. With constant harvesting of buried mammoth tusks, only a few hundred carcasses remain in the permafrost and that is the reason that the cost of mammoth ivory is ever increasing.

Owning a mammoth ivory tusk or sculpture is going to be priceless soon as it is a limited commodity, no available easily. And once all of the tusks are harvested, there is no scope of finding any more, as the mammoths is extinct. Thus, if you are looking to invest in mammoth ivory, it is the best time. There is a wide range of quality products including raw tusks, mammoth ivory sculptures, mammoth tusk ivory figurines, ivory netsuke and so much more.

Though there are numerous mammoth ivory traders and services online, it is best to go with a reputed dealer who has a wide collection of different products. Ensure that you know how to differentiate between fake ad genuine ivory because that is essential information. But genuine and reputed mammoth ivory dealers ensure that each piece that they sell is original artwork crafted from pure organic mammoth ivory.

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