Can I Sell Mammoth Ivory Products?

by ani.choudhary on June 8, 2014

Sure, why not. Mammoth ivory is the only LEGAL ivory in the world that is legal along with fossil ivories. Though one of the most popular ivory, it is in limited quantities and is being depleted every year. However the questions I whether you would like to sell the mammoth ivory collectibles that you have at an auction or online or whether you want to enter the trade?

If you are looking to sell your new purchased mammoth ivory sculptures online, there are various websites that lists them. You can browse online and see if that suits your requirements or list them on popular retail websites like But if you are planning to start your own store or purchase raw tusks for sale, it requires financial funding as each tusk is sold by its weight, which can run into thousands of dollars for each. Most people who collect mammoth ivory products are art connoisseurs and either sell them privately or trade them within a select community.

Other pieces of exquisite antique mammoth ivory sculptures are sold at auction houses such so if you think you have an exquisite piece of mammoth ivory that needs to be sold, contact a local art appraiser and he would be able to tell you the ballpark price of the sculpture or tusk that you want to put for sale. Additionally, if it is rare and exquisite that was crafted by a master sculptor and commands a very high price, you can get in touch with the top auction houses to sell it. But if you are looking to add a few more mammoth tusk ivory pieces to your collection, check out an elegant and unique range at

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