Problems In Manufacturing Of Mammoth Ivory Jewelry

by ani.choudhary on August 10, 2014

If you are looking to know more about jewelry designing with mammoth ivory, there are systematic steps that need to be adhered to. Some of these are:

•    Partial drying the ivory pieces and cutting it into smaller pieces
•    Complete removal of moisture by heating it within an vacuum oven
•    Steps taken to ensure the ivory remains moisture free and then the gemstones are added in predetermined spaces.
•    Adhesives are used to ensure that the gemstones bond with the mammoth tusk ivory pieces.
•    Polishing and shaping the jewelry pieces for sale

Though mammoth ivory jewelry is popular, but manufacturers and artists have to face the problem of cracking in mammoth ivory. From cracking ivory to popping out of the inlaid gemstones, and join separations is a common issue that artists deal with on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons that high-quality mammoth ivory jewelry is expensive.

The main reason that experts give is the exposure of mammoth ivory to permafrost, water and minerals in the ground that lead to years of expansion and contractions in the organic material making it weak and prone to warping and cracks. Additionally it has led to higher moisture content and has contaminated the pure ivory.

Another reason that makes mammoth tusk ivory jewelry fragile is the different expansion rates of the different materials like adhesives, gemstones, ivory and that leads to the separation of the different joints. However, despite the problems and care taken to ensure that mammoth ivory jewelry remains pristine, the demand has constantly grown over the years. Check out arange of unique mammoth ivory jewelry at


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