Why Fossil Ivory, Oosik And Mammoth Tusk Knife Handles Are Popular?

by ani.choudhary on November 2, 2014

Although mammoth ivory is one of the popular materials for luxury carvings coveted by art connoisseurs all over the world, there are hosts of other ivory or near ivory materials that are popularly collected. One of them is the ivory tusks and teeth of walrus. But another collectible is the walrus oosik, the penile bone. Though it is not exactly ivory, but the bone has been in use for centuries by the Eskimos. They had used the oosik for making tools, knife handles and picks as it is extremely dense. Found naturally in colors of dark brown to cream colors, most of these are polished at an additional cost. Some of these are carved while others are set on wood as conversational pieces.

Many artists prefer it over mammoth ivory as it is cheaper and are excellent for carving. Other artists use walrus ivory and oosik to create scrimshaws. Most of the time the broken pieces of oosik are used as knife handles while the natural shape is broad at one end and tapered at the other. This is what makes it a coveted by artists as knife handles.

Although mammoth ivory is more precious and dense, varying colors due to absorption of minerals in the soil, lends it hues of grey to green, blue and browns. Most of the ivory carvers use the natural pigmentation to highlight the carvings. The splintered ivory pieces of varying degrees are also used by carversĀ  as handles for spoons, knives. Take a look at some of the exquisite products available in mammoth ivory and other fossil ivories.

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